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Training Approach, Methodology, and Culture

/Training Approach, Methodology, and Culture
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Training Approach, Methodology, and Culture

Over two decades, we have set highly efficient and reliable standards, for sustainable training; and have always valued our Clients’ trust in our Quality Training Services.

In brief, Our Training is:

  • Accredited and systematic
  • Learner-focused; outcomes based; and caring
  • Top professional courseware
  • Reasonably priced for the top quality range of Our Training
  • Also covering Time&Cost-Saving Basic/Intermediate Combined Course options [good for refreshing computer skills]
  • Fully instructed, with close interaction – explanation, step-by-step exercises, additional unit activities…
    –  Free Course/Topic-Attendance-Repeat, as may occasionally be necessary (T&C applied)
    –  Competency measured Certificates; and Final Assessment/Credit options
  • Additional Outcomes:
    • Promoting better English communication: vocabulary, listening, speaking, following instructions, summarizing notes
    • Promoting responsible relative role playing, practicing positive values, care for the environment
    • Fostering relaxed group interaction, socialization, and unity in diversity
    • Promoting the use of knowledge and skills, for service to mankind

Our Training is aimed at sustainable benefits to all involved:

  • Developing the Learner’s full potential [when they take courses systematically]
  • Contributing to the development of Corporate and Human Resources
  • Providing better service to our Society [as the end result]

Quality Guaranteed!

Where do we train our Learners?

We utilize Our Accredited Training Centre, which is located on 1st Avenue, Newton Park – close walking distance from Greenacres, in Port Elizabeth.[On-Site Group Training is available, at Clients premises – on request only].

  • Parking available inside and in-front
  • Relaxed Entertainment area, with facilities for serving Hot-Meal Lunch and Tea-breaks
  • Professional Admin Office with proficient, friendly, staff
  • Well experienced, accredited, expert Training Instructors:  caring, patient, Learner-focused, passionate to share knowledge, and fully attentive to every ‘pause’ of all Learners
  • Aligned with Health & Safety regulations:
    • COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act) Certified
    • Equipped with safety monitors and alarm system
  • Fully equipped professional Computer Lab Facilities:
    • PC-Labs of 2-6 and 12-18 Networked Computers, with Internet Access & 17” Monitors
    • Windows 7 Pro [overview of V 8/10 available]
    • Office 2007/2010 Professional [overview of V 2013/2016 available]
    • Double-Board facility; and Data Projector with pull-down screen
    • Air-conditioned
    • Also accommodating Learners with Wheelchair [by viewing]

Nice, friendly, tranquil, professional, pleasant, learning environment – Everyone feels welcomed!