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1. Terms & Conditions: General

All information given (such as Course Outlines, Pre assessments, Quotations, etc.), are confidential, privileged in nature, and solely for the use by the recipients and others authorized to receive the information.  Any disclosure, copying, distributing or taking action, in relation to the contents of such information, is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful.

1.1 In general, Quotations are valid for 30 Days, unless otherwise stated – negotiable.

1.2 High Quality Course Manuals and any Certificates included in the cost; remain the property of New Era Computer Training Centre, until payment is received in full.

1.3 Any kind of Accreditation Assessment (Final Exam with additional Credits), is by Client’s/Learner’s request – negotiable.

1.4 Parking is available inside and in front of our Training Centre, which is a very short distance from Greenacres.

1.5 New Era Computer Training Centre trust that Learners will conduct themselves in a respectful, orderly and safe manner at all times, while at Our Training Centre; and will comply with all Our General Terms and Conditions.

2. Terms & Conditions:  Booking Dates

      [Dates Procedure:  Scheduled-Dates, Proposed-Dates, Booked-Dates, Attended-Dates]

2.1 Clients/Learners are required to determine and verify the Course Name & Level, first; and then proceed with Dates, for the particular Course/Level suitable to their need.

2.1.1    The Scheduled-Dates, reflected on our Date/Time Schedule, serve as a structural guide; are subject to change at any time, and are based on availability and ‘first comes first served’.  In addition to the Scheduled-Dates, Clients may state any of their ‘Not-Available-Dates’ or ‘Preferred-Dates’, especially for Group attendance.

2.1.2    Proposed-Dates tentatively reflect on our Quotations and/or Registration Forms.  Based on mutual communication, Proposed-Dates are used by Clients to process their order; and need to be confirmed.

2.1.3    Booked-Dates are provided based on our receipt of payment or Approved Purchase Order.  Hence, it is required to deal with Course/Level selection and registration/payment arrangements, first; to ensure the next available booking and prevent any delays.  Booked-Dates usually reflect on our Quotations with Approved Order Number / Registration Form; or on Invoices (requested Proforma-Invoices).  In addition to our procedural communication and confirmation; Booked-Dates also need to be checked by Clients, prior to Course commencement date, for further clarity, if required.

2.1.4    Attended-Dates reflect on our Course Attendance Register Book; and in addition, on Group Course Attendance Register Forms (on request for individuals).

2.2 A Learner Registration Form will be sent to Client on acceptance of quotation; as may be required, this form needs to be completed, SIGNED by an Authority, and returned by Client, in order to proceed.

2.3 Our bank details reflect on Our Invoices (on request could also reflect on Quotations / Proforma-Invoices); and will be sent to Clients for purchase order processing or payment.  Client’s Proof of Payment or Approved Purchase Order is required to secure Booked-Dates.  For processing payments, please use Client’s Name and Our Quotation / Invoice Number as a reference.

3. Terms & Conditions:  Payment Terms

Our Payment Terms are:

3.1 Prepaid: Proof of payment, and reflection on Our Bank Account, is required at registration – prior to Course Commencement; or

3.2 Approved Order Number: Signed Approved Purchase Order to be received prior to training; Payable 7-30 Days from Invoice/Order-Date, unless otherwise agreed upon, in writing.

Proof of Payment or Approved Purchase Order is required to secure any Booked-Dates.

4. Terms & Conditions: Complying with Course Selection Prerequisites

Course Prerequisites are what the Learner is expected to already know, in order to be qualified to register for the course wanted.  To identify the actual level of existing/prior computer knowledge, Learners need to provide proof of evidence of the knowledge they claim already have [otherwise such knowledge would only be assumed]. In fact, with existing computer knowledge, some Learners only claim they know, without realising what they don’t know – which results in leaving big gaps behind.

For more information please see:  Recognition of Prior Learning

[Hyperlink to RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning]

Please note that: Each Course Prerequisites is clearly stated on each Course Outline, Quotation, and Invoice. Thus, Clients/Learners, and any Authorized Decision Makers need to read, understand, and comply with it, responsibly.

We are glad to answer any questions; or assist in the process of any required pre-assessments, for the Learners to determine where they really stand with their existing/prior computer knowledge. For more information please see:  What you need to know at Registration

[Hyperlink to What you need to know at Registration]

Please note that: not complying with the required Prerequisites (not taking them seriously) often could have direct negative impact on Learner’s successful completion of the registered course(s); and in any such case, the responsibility lies with the Client/Learner.  But if Clients/Learners comply with the prerequisites (or take their courses systematically) and leave no gaps behind, we welcome them to attend Free Course-Attendance-Repeats, as may be required by some Learners.

5. Terms & Conditions: Registration

The Learners will be considered registered/enrolled, on our system, when these procedures followed:

5.1 Processing of Quotation, reflecting Proposed-Dates – on request[It includes the Course Outlines; and its Prerequisites.]

5.2 Processing of Invoice (or Proforma-Invoice on request), reflecting Booked-Dates

5.3 Receipt of Proof of Payment; or Approved Order signed by relevant Authorized Manager

Or, in case of short time to process invoice/payment/order, prior to course commencement: Receipt of the signed Learner Registration Form, confirming payment commitment by relevant Authorized Manager, would be acceptable to start the process.

6. Terms & Conditions: Course Attendance – Number of Days per Course-Level; and Time

6.1 Most of our Short Courses are provided in 1-2 Day per Course-Level/Module (and a few in 3-4Day), as it may apply. This may be negotiable; depending on the nature, purpose, need, and Certification option of the Client.

6.2 Office Hours are 08:00-16:30, Monday-Friday [the main gate will be open from 08:00].
Course Attendance time per day is 08:30 – 16:00/16:30, Monday-Friday; unless arranged otherwise.
Learners need to consider traffic congestion on main roads and routes to ensure that they arrive by 08:10.

6.3 Break Times and Refreshments [on Full Day Courses]:
10:00 – 10:20: Morning Break – with Tea/Coffee and Biscuits.

[Any Arrival Tea/Coffee and Muffins/etc.; for group-attendance, is on request].

12:30 – 13:30: Lunch Break – Regular Healthy Hot Meal – usually with meat, starch and/or vegetable, and cool-drink [Executive Lunch; for group-attendance, is on request].
14:45 – 15:00: Optional Afternoon Break – with Tea/Coffee (or 5-minute Stretch Break).

7. Terms & Conditions: Course Postponements and Cancellations – negotiable

In addition to the following General Terms, Clients may negotiate their preferred options – based on mutual benefit – which will be reflected on their Quotation/Invoice.

7.1 Course Attendance Absentee/Cancellation:
Booked-Dates (Booked-Seats) will NOT be allocated to any other Client/Learner, as are reserved for the Client/Learner who booked it.

  1. a) To postpone any Booked-Dates/Seats, Clients need to provide 3-working-day written-notice, with a valid-reason; with R100 Course Reschedule Fee for the next available date. Providing less than 3-working-day written-notice, would be regarded as absent; and would incur the same cost as an Attended Course – unless negotiated and recorded otherwise.
  2. b) To cancel any Booked-Dates/Seats, Clients need to provide 5-working-day written-notice, with a valid-reason; with 50% Course Cancellation Fee. Providing less than 5-working-day written-notice, would be regarded as absent; and would incur the same cost as an Attended Course – unless negotiated and recorded otherwise.

7.2 In case the Booked Learner is not available to attend the Booked-Course, another eligible substitute may attend on their behalf, to use the Booked-Seat, provided that this is communicated before the course attendance.

7.3 Due to any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, New Era Computer Training Centre reserves the right to reschedule any Courses. In such case, the Clients will be advised in due time; and new dates will be rescheduled – with no cost to Clients/Learners.

8. Terms & Conditions: Free Course-Attendance-Repeat

8.1 To guarantee our Quality Service, for Courses taken systematically (without gaps), we provide Free Course-Attendance-Repeat, as may be applicable to some Learners from time to time.  Any Free Course-Attendance-Repeat is on the discretion of Our Instructor and Training Manager; and with the agreement of the booking Client, before discussed with the Learner.  This is to assist such Learner to achieve Competency and obtain his Certificate of Successful Course Completion [otherwise will only receive a Course Attendance Certificate].

8.2 Although the Course-Attendance Fee is Free, a prepaid cost of R100/Day/Learner is payable, to cover the minimum cost of Tea/Coffee&Biscuits/Lunch and utilities.

8.3 It is important that Learners need to bring along their Relevant Course Manual; otherwise, will be charged for the replaced Manual.

8.4 Course-Attendance-Repeat dates are based on availability, and will be confirmed ahead of time.

9. Terms & Conditions: Health and Safety

9.1 Delegates’ personal belongings or goods, brought onto the training premises are the sole responsibility of the owner; and New Era Computer Training Centre accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of such items.

9.2 New Era ComputerTraining Centre is registered with COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act), with Letter of Good Standing. While committed to comply with all relevant levels of Health & Safety and Security measures, New Era ComputerTraining Centre nor their Members or Employees shall be liable for any damage, loss, or injury, whatsoever caused; to any Client, Learner, or Visitor; brought onto the training premises; for whatever reason.