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Recognition of Prior Learning

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What is RPL?

RPL is a recent practice, in Training, for Recognition of Prior Learning. Its a new way to recognize existing or prior knowledge, in a specific line; which the Learner has been gaining through experience or by any previous training.

The Nature of RPL

In terms of Computer Literacy, in today society, many people have gained some kind of computer knowledge.  This could be by using computer at work, self-taught, or have taken computer courses in the past. However, when it comes to the professional use of Computer for work, the level of existing computer knowledge is often a question.

‘Where a PC-User really stands with his existing computer knowledge’ is a common question, often asked.  This is due to the fact that PC-Users repeatedly go a long way to use simple features; keep making mistakes; lose confidence and focus; struggle; and just save and print something – which often is far from a professional quality document, that meant to reflect good image!

The challenging fact is that, although there is some computer knowledge; the critical concepts, terminology, interface, features, tools, commands, shortcuts…, are not known professionally. This is at a time that, in this ‘most rapidly changing environment’ of ‘IT’, program versions keep changing and being ENFORCED globally; and affecting all PC-Users, many whom fall behind.  The reality is that as such PC-Users naturally end up focusing less on their actual daily tasks; it ultimately shall have negative impact on work productivity, performance quality, and the end result which is service to the community!

Not to assume, but rather have a realistic approach, we trust that the following options would assist with any relevant Learning plan:

Bridging any existing gaps in a short time – Quality Guaranteed!

For those who are in need of further computer learning, this is Our Recommended Solution – a quick approach to professionally update and refresh ones computer skills, with Our Refresher Bridge Courses.

Along with this option, we provide Free consultation and quick diagnostic evaluation – even telephonically.

As these options are Time&Cost-Saving and less intimidating than any assessment/exam, to Learners, it is a preferred option in the market.

Alternatively, Candidates book for formal assessment/exam. With regards to Certification, if passed the assessment/exam, will receive SOR (Statement of Results) reflecting the relevant credits for it, from MICT SETA. This is through Our Channel [ICDL and MOS also available].

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