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This program is provided at Basic/Intermediate* and Advanced Levels [*Time&Cost-Saving Option]
[Basic Level for groups only; and on request]
Please see the Course Outlines
Also note the Prerequisites [Course Readiness Requirements – What Learners need to already know without struggle]

MS-PowerPoint is the most popular presentation program, which gives the PC-User the ability to share ideas and information by creating, organizing, and customizing an interactive slide presentation. Its numerous features and easy to use interface, makes this program an important tool in today’s business, education, and home environment. MS-PowerPoint is rich in numerous tools and features; to enhance and create easy to understand and interpret, appealing, professional-looking documents – which could be printed, emailed, saved, or presented.

It provides an easy-feature-platform to use and combine any text, image, sound, chart, ClipArt, shape object, WordArt, SmartArt, animation, video, Slide transition. But more importantly, MS-PowerPoint assists Learners to develop the highly required skills of how to work and professionally handle any of these features; on any Screen, as coming across!

MS-PowerPoint also provides suitable predesigned colour schemes, themes, and built-in professional templates; relevant to all fields of business, education, and even home environment. A Template is like an easy-to-use, electronic form; which actually would serve as a free-hand capable assistant to PC-Users. The range of built-in templates includes business plans, brochures, certificates, quotations and invoices, sales and marketing material…

MS-PowerPoint is widely used, to easily reflect intended plans on screen; it also assists to share and present, and best sell the developed work.  This powerful program helps the PC-Users to produce any demanded documents; quickly, professionally, and effectively!

Just about all PC-Users; in business, education or home environment, need to have a foundational knowledge of MS-PowerPoint tools and features – which they will come across and need to handle, even working in other programs! This is due to the fact that Computer Literacy Programs, especially in new versions, are highly inter-related [which means the use of certain tools, features… would interchangeably be needed in different Programs].

Learners who take this Course find an easy, professional, and presentable way; to produce highly presentable documents. Documents used; to best sell and nicely share and present an idea, proposal, task, project, report, etc… Employee training, teaching aids, customer help guides, sales and marketing materials, are some examples.

In addition, this powerful program is highly demanded by Speakers, Sales Representatives, Personal Assistants, Office Administrators, Teachers, Students, Head of Departments, Managers, Supervisors, etc…

Course Outline: MS-PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016: Basic

Aligned with SAQA Unit Standard 117923 / 116930 / 114076 [& MOS / ICDL]


Intro to Modern-PC, MS-Word Basic, or equivalent experience


The PowerPoint window
– Opening and running a presentation
– Examining the PowerPoint environment
– Observing views [& Full Screen Reading View] – Zooming in and out on a slide
– Closing a presentation and closing PowerPoint
Getting help
– Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint Help

Creating new presentations
– Creating a presentation from an existing presentation
– Creating a new blank presentation
– Entering text in a slide
– Adding and editing slides

Saving presentations
– Saving a presentation in an existing folder
– Updating a presentation
– Saving a presentation in a new folder

Rearranging and deleting slides
– Rearranging slides in the Normal view
– Rearranging slides in Slide Sorter view
– Deleting a slide in Slide Sorter view

Using slides from other presentations
– Inserting slides from another presentation

Text formatting
– Applying bold and italic formatting
– Changing the font, font size, and font color
– Using the Format Painter to copy text formatting
– Changing bullet styles
– Applying a numbered list

Modifying text
– Finding and replacing text
– Cutting and dragging text
– Copying text to another slide
– Using the Clipboard pane

Paragraph formatting
– Applying paragraph formatting

– Using the drawing tools
– Switching the object shape

Modifying objects
– Applying formatting to objects
– Duplicating, deleting, and moving objects
– Resizing an object
– Rotating an object
– Aligning objects

Text in objects
– Adding text to an object
– Modifying text in an object
– Creating text boxes
– Formatting text boxes

– Adding and modifying WordArt
– Applying WordArt styles

– Inserting a picture
– Adjusting pictures
– Arranging and grouping overlapping items

Clip art
– Inserting and modifying clip art
– Inserting clip art from the Web Collections

New Features for Learners using MS-PowerPoint 2010 in our PC Lab

Reading view – Preview and running presentations

Overview on “What is New” in MS-PowerPoint 2013/2016

Download Basic/Intermediate Course Outline

Course Outline: MS-Powerpoint 2007/2010 /2013/2016: Advanced


MS-Powerpoint Basic/Intermediate, or equivalent experience


Application settings
– Exploring the PowerPoint Options dialog box
– Adding buttons to the Quick Access toolbar
– Removing and rearranging buttons

Custom themes
– Creating and applying a custom theme

Custom templates
– Creating a custom template
– Using a custom template

Advanced slide master techniques
– Duplicating a slide master
– Editing a duplicate slide master
– Switching between slide masters
– Renaming a slide master

Modifying clip art
– Cropping a clip art object
– Modifying clip art colors, background fills, and lines

Media clips
– Adding a movie clip
– Adding a sound clip

– Animating an object
– Reordering the effects in a slide

Photo albums
– Creating a photo album presentation

Customizing SmartArt graphics
– Converting text to SmartArt graphics
– Changing SmartArt graphic layout styles
– Resizing associate shapes
– Formatting associate objects

Customizing tables
– Drawing a table
– Designing the table layout
– Finishing the table design

Interactive elements
– Adding an action button
– Modifying an action button

Custom slide shows
– Creating a custom slide show
– Editing a custom slide show

– Inserting comments
– Reviewing, deleting, and printing comments

Finishing a presentation
– Preparing to share a presentation
– Adding a digital signature
– Setting an open password

Distributing a presentation
– Packaging a presentation for CD
– Saving slides as image files
– Saving a presentation to open as a slide show

Publish as a Web page
– Publishing a presentation for the Web

Build slides from a Word outline
– Creating a presentation from a Word outline

Embed and link content
– Embedding an Excel workbook as an object
– Linking an Excel workbook as an object
– Using Paste Special to create a link

Documentslinked with hyperlinks
– Creating a hyperlink

New Features for Learners using MS-Powerpoint 2010 in our PC Lab

Apply Sections to group slides together

Add and Format Video and Audio files to a presentation

New Animations and Transition Tabs

Broadcast/Share a slide show online

Overview on “What is New” in MS-PowerPoint 2013/2016

Download Advanced Course Outline