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MS-Internet Explorer

This program is provided at Basic/Intermediate* [*Time&Cost-Saving Option]
[Basic Level for groups only; and on request]
Please see the Course Outline
Also note the Prerequisites [Course Readiness Requirements – What Learners need to already know without struggle]

MS-Internet Explorer is a widely used and popular browsing program. Although there are some other internet browsing programs in the market; in South Africa, it is classified as a Critical Skill; and forms an important module in Computer Literacy Programs.

As online form completions and live submissions have become more common; and in some cases the only option; acquiring professional skills to work with the Internet at professional level, is demanded more than ever! MS-Internet Explorer, not just for leisure; a business necessity!

With MS-Internet Explorer, PC-Users are able to view, search and navigate and manage web pages; as well as view and stream video and audio files. Internet banking and live communication, keeping up to date with news, reading articles, checking online emails, downloading certain topics, publishing documents online, and filling and submitting online forms are some examples of using the Internet.

All PC-Users need to work with the Internet, in some way; and business live-interaction is more needed.
This could include reading up-to-date news and articles, using search features, checking online emails, downloading certain topics, publishing documents online, filling and submitting online forms, using social media marketing and communication tools, utilizing online buying and selling, Internet banking, and more and more ‘cloud’ interaction such as using online accounts and storage facilities…

In brief, anyone, in any field, and at any level, is in critical need of professionally (not casually) learning all concepts, terminology, interface, features, tools, command, shortcuts… of the Internet, and be competently prepared to work with this most-most rapidly changing environment of IT called Internet.

Course Outline: Internet Explorer 7/8/10/11: Basic/Intermediate


Intro to Modern-PC, MS-Word Basic, or equivalent experience


Overview of the Internet
– Discussing Internet components
– Discussing Internet addresses

Browsing the Web
– Exploring the Internet Explorer interface
– Using hyperlinks and the Address bar

Internet basics
– Checking internal and external IP addresses

The Favourites Centre
– Working with the Favourites list
– Adding an RSS news feed
– Working with the History list

Tabbed browsing
– Using tabs

Zooming, saving, and printing
– Changing page and text size
– Saving and printing a Web page

Basic searching
– Running a basic search

Advanced searching
– Using Google

– Changing your browser home page
– Modifying AutoComplete settings
– Examining browsing history settings

Privacy and security
– Blocking pop-ups
– Examining the Content Advisor
– Examining the privacy settings
– Blocking cookies from a specific Web site
– Viewing the Privacy Report

– Examining security levels
– Setting security levels
– Using the phishing filter

– Installing add-ons on-the-fly
– Installing Media Player 11

Multimedia content
– Playing audio content
– Playing video content

E-mail accounts
– Discussing Microsoft Exchange Server
– Configuring a Hotmail account
– Configuring a POP3 client account

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