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Common Individual Microsoft Courses

Microsoft Office is a set of integrated desktop applications that offer flexible and powerful ways to organize, manage, and present information. The Microsoft Office Standard Package includes MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook; and Access, Project… are optional. Other critical relevant courses are Intro to Modern-PC, Internet, and Windows.

Each program serves a different purpose; but complement and need to work with each other, in office related environment. All these courses are identified as Critical Skills. In today global business market, the professional, up-to-date knowledge of these courses are needed; thus professional, quality, learning is essential!


Intro to Modern-PC and MS-Word Basic, even if not used on daily basis, are the most crucial courses for anyone to take, as they serve like a platform and bedrock to other Computer Courses! That’s why could not be assumed, as are ALWAYS THE PREREQUISITES to any other Courses.


We commit to make a difference with Our Short-Courses, 100%+ Quality Guaranteed:
Our New or Refresher-Bridge Courses contribute towards:

Intro to Modern-PC

This module precedes any other Computer Literacy Courses. It provides practical knowledge and key skills which are essential for taking any other Courses of Computer Literacy at any Level – all fundamental and collective concepts, terminology, interface, features, tools, commands, shortcuts…

Candidates with similar existing knowledge need to refresh to modern (up-to-date; not old) version. Intro to Modern-PC and MS-Word Basic, even if not used on daily basis, are the most crucial courses for anyone to take, as they serve like a platform and bedrock to other Computer Courses! That’s why could not be assumed, as are ALWAYS THE PREREQUISITES to any other Courses.

Intro to Modern-PC: Course Outline – Read More


MS-Word is a text processing program; used to create, edit, format, organize, save, and print documents.
Used by business, education, home users, and other fields – the tasks one could perform range from producing Letters; Reports; Proposals; Meeting Agendas and Minutes; to Newsletters and Blogs; Schedules…

100% of PC-Users need to have professional and up-to-date (not older than 3-4 years) knowledge/skills of MS-Word Basic Level.

In addition – at Comprehensive Basic Level – learning of this program serves as the bedrock, to other highly integrated Computer Literacy Programs. Learners develop a wide variety of common PC Literacy related professional methods; master their general handling techniques; and meet the required crucial prerequisites needed to be used and properly applied when working in other programs.

Levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

MS-Word: Course Outlines – Read More


MS-Excel is a powerful electronic spreadsheet program used to streamline, organize, calculate, forecast; and convert raw data into meaningful information, easily projected as useful and notable documents. The strength of this application is in its analytical features; used in business; and in achieving student learning outcomes and preparing them for real business environment.

MS-Excel is rich in numerous categories of features and functions; not limited to the following:
Formula and categories of functions; sort and filter data; evaluating and cleaning dirty data; data entry validation and custom messages; Lookup functions; Pivot Table and Charts; Import and Export; Automatic Reports; Dashboards etc…

Levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

MS-Excel: Course Outlines – Read More


MS-PowerPoint is the most popular presentation program, which gives the PC-User the ability to share ideas and information by creating, organizing, and customizing an interactive slide presentation. Its numerous features and easy to use interface, makes this program an important tool in today’s business, education, and home environment.

Levels: Basic/Intermediate Combined and Advanced

MS-PowerPoint: Course Outlines – Read More


MS-Outlook is an easy to use, professional, multipurpose, program. While its primary focus is on managing emails; it is closely integrated with the highly proficient and time saving management of Calendar, Contacts, and Task related daily activities.

Levels: Basic/Intermediate Combined

MS-Outlook: Course Outlines – Read More

MS-Internet Explorer

MS-Internet Explorer is a widely used and popular browsing program. Although there are some other internet browsing programs in the market; in South Africa, it is classified as a Critical Skill; and forms an important module in Computer Literacy Programs.

Levels: Basic/Intermediate Combined

MS-Internet Explorer: Course Outlines – Read More


MS-Windows is the dominant Operating System (OS) Program; and the backbone of many PCs. It constantly runs in the background of desktop PCs and serves as a graphical, friendly, intermediary platform; between PC-Users, Application Programs they work on, and all relevant Devices they need to utilize.

Levels: Basic/Intermediate Combined

MS-Windows: Course Outline – Read More

MS-Access[Under Our Professional-Plus Course Series]

MS-Access is a Relational Database Management System that helps PC-Users to create and manage custom databases that store large amounts of related information together; for easy reference and accuracy, reporting, and analytical techniques.

Levels: Basic, Basic/Intermediate and Advanced Levels

MS-Access: Course Outlines – Read More

MS-Project[Under Our Professional-Plus Course Series]

MS-Project is a powerful Project Management and Scheduling tool, designed to assist in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the time and budget, and analysing workloads.

Levels: Basic, Basic/Intermediate and Advanced Levels

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