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Vision and Mission Statement:


Information Technology (IT) is viewed as a vital point in most dimensions of business and global society. Moreover the initial focus of ‘IT’ is on Computer Literacy; as it plays an essential pivotal role and is highly demanded in education, in business, and even at home. The role of Computer Literacy is so vital and the demand is so great, that it is classified under ‘Critical Skills’, in South Africa. Besides Computer Literacy, some soft skills are essentially needed, as are also critical, in business and office-related environment.


Integrity is the foundation of all the activities at our training centre; and we perform work with dignity in all aspects of our involvements; and deliver what we promise. Our professional and dedicated team, regard their work as “service to mankind”. Celebrating over 20 years of professional and caring Training Services; with full commitment, our goal is to prepare valuable Learners to confidently meet the challenges of this age in ‘IT’ field – “this most rapidly changing environment”:
Our aim is to eliminate Learners’ struggles in real work environment; and assist them to enjoy their work, focus on their relevant responsibilities, and increase productivity with higher quality. Our strategy is to direct Learners in applying their newly learned skills to their daily tasks.
With full dedication and confidence, we are committed to provide our Valuable Stakeholders – Corporates, Government, NPOs/NGOs, Schools & Tertiary, and Private Clients – with fully ‘Accredited’ Courses and Programs. We continuously strive to meet Our Clients’ needs; and guarantee their full benefit and satisfactions.

We ensure that, our leading channels of new and refresher programs and courses promote:

In Addition to the above, and on request: For Organisations in need of briefer Computer Courses or for some Home-Users, if involved in non-office-related kind of work, we provide suitable options.

By providing Refresher-Bridge or New Courses, we are committed to cover any IT-Gaps, even if it takes Free Course-Attendance-Repeats. We walk with our Learners until they walk – struggle free…

Organisation Background

New Era Computer Training Centre (herewith referred to as NewEraCTC) was established in Nelson Mandela Bay, in 1995.  This was with the initiative of a young lady with years of studies and experience in ‘IT’ and other business and community related fields.

Valuing and involvement in community service, gave inspiration for the name New Era – a special and unique Era; the age of scientific and technological advancement, and the time of quest and call of humanity for values and empowerment.  Proudly serving South Africa, our dedicated training teams are continuously providing a high-standard and caring service; by focusing on local needs, and networking with national and international educational authorities and relevant service providers.

Committed to Quality Training Services, we focus on bridging any relevant ‘IT’-Gaps; and provide office-related administrative courses which complement the improved-application of computer literacy skills in the work-place.

As we are keen to take part in CSI (Community Social Interaction) projects, NewEraCTC have been associating and supporting  EMA Foundation NPO (Non-Benefit Organization); and in return benefits their support in improving Self-Empowerment.  Our aim is to promote Real Life-Skills, with focus on Character Building, Personal Development, Transformation, and better service.  This is an on-going commitment through different activities, some of which elements are integrated with our computer and administrative courses; and could be provided as additional modules for Group Attendance only.

In ‘IT’ field – “this most rapidly changing environment”, numerous challenges are faced, such as endless updating and upgrading; market financial fluctuations; aggressive and corruptive competitive ‘IT’ marketing; lack of proper public awareness; etc…  Despite these challenges, we have achieved sustainable growth for over past two decades; and maintained 100%+ professional standards and reliable services.

Company Legal Status, Accreditation and Registration

Legal Status:

Trading Name:  New Era Computer Training Centre
Establishment:  ‘IT’ Training Leaders since 1995
Legal Registration:  CC (Close Corporation)
SDL Registered:  Chamber Code 12/86007
B-BBEE Certified:  EME – Recognition Level100%
Company Tax Clearance Certificate – in Good Standing
COIDA (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 1993) with Letter of Good Standing; in-line with Health & Safety Regulations for ‘IT’ Field
Municipality Billing Certificate – in Good Standing
In close association with EMA Foundation NPO

Computer Training Accreditation [and Certification] :

In general, our Training Outcomes are in-line with MICT&SAQA/MOS/ICDL Standards and Assessments requirements.   In addition to our ‘Certificate of Successful Course Completion’, we prepare our Learners for any of the following Formal Assessments/Exams with Credits – optional and on request.

MICT SETA Accredited:  Professional, Fully Accredited, Computer Training and Assessment Centre

Fully Accredited for all Courses of:  

  • IT: End User Computing National Certificate, NQF3, with 130 Credits [also as Learnership]
  • Computer Literacy Program [also as Skills Program]

Microsoft Certified Partner – MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Program

ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Program

Registered on Database of Various Organizations
Government CSD (Central Supplier Database)
NMB Internal Municipal Database
EC District Municipal Databases
Corporate Organizations – small, medium, large
High Schools, Tertiary Institutions and other Educational Sectors
Private Clients