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New Era Computer Training Centre (NewEraCTC) Ck1: 2010/128005/23 - Est.1995 MICT (ISETT) SETA Accreditation No: ACC/2011/00/675
Company Profile Summary - 2011

Vision and Mission Statement:
NewEraCTC dedicated, and hardworking team regard work as service to mankind; and provide training with a caring focus on valuable customers and learners - their needs, satisfaction, benefits, and well-being. Integrity is the foundation of all the activities at NewEraCTC.
Our approach is systematic; and our methodology is providing a sustainable training for development of our learners' new attained knowledge and skills; and assisting them to apply their skills adequately.
With years of experience, our aim is to prepare the learners to meet the challenges of this age in the field of Information Technology (IT) - "this most rapidly changing environment!". Our goal is to eliminate learners' struggles in work environment; and assist them to enjoy their work, focus on their relevant responsibilities, and increase productivity with higher quality - by mastering and easily applying simplified solutions to their complex daily tasks.
Thus, with confidence, we are committed to prove our valuable Stakeholders with Professional, Efficient and Reliable Standards; and a Struggle Free training service.

Organisational Background
Established in 1995, by the initiative of a young female; with years of national and international experience in the fields of IT, Accounting, Administration/Management; Sociology, and Ethics - and her passion for sharing knowledge - New Era Computer Training Centre was established, in Port Elizabeth; committed to provide quality service.
NewEraCTC constantly progressed, and maintained its reliability in the IT training filed. Despite so many on-going challenges; from facing the competitive training market, to owner's dreadful car accident and severe physical injuries, NewEraCTC sustained it's moderate but steady growth. While so many computer training service providers have opened and closed down, NewEraCTC has proven to be one of the foremost service providers, in Eastern Cape.
Since its establishment, NewEraCTC is networked with similar service providers in North America, and benefits professional international support. At the same time, NewEraCTC constantly consults with qualified relevant National service providers, to best customize to national and local requirements of its valuable Clients and Learners.
Being involved, with Community Service Investment (CSI) activities, gave inspiration for the name New Era - a special and unique Era; the age of scientific and technological advancement, and the age of quest and call of humanity for value and morality.
NewEraCTC have sponsored, and is in close cooperation with, EMA Foundation Non-Benefit Organization (NPO) for Value Leadership Projects.
Company Registration Details:

  • Company Registration: Close Corporation CC No. CK1: 2010/128005/23;Trading as: New Era Computer Training Centre.
  • ISETT-SETA Training Service Provider Registration: Chamber Code 12/86007 (in process).
  • Microsoft Association: Being a Microsoft Certified Partner
  • BBBEE Certificate: (EME, Level 4, 100% Procurement Recognition).
  • In addition to its Community Service Investment (CSI); NewEraCTC is in close association with
  • EMA Foundation NPO for Value Leadership; which is sponsored by NewEraCTC.
  • Registered on all level Government Databases
  • Registered as a Vendor Supplier with and provided service for many large, medium, and small organizations.
  • Serving many Private Clients.


Tel/Fax: (041) 363-5855
53 First Avenue, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 6045
Ck1: 2010/128005/23
(Est. 1995)
In association with EMA Foundation
Accreditation Acc/2011/00/675